Monday, March 14, 2011

pink rocks

i think i found the key! gee... couldn't help to get crazy about this find. best example how can you create a thing that could become recognizable and really your trade mark. true key to succes for portugese João Sabino. and yet you're not getting the mass product, as you have a chance to customize each and every key out of 393 keys that bag consist of. send out your message in style!
and than there was a like a waterfall of ideas that would just match that unique piece. just like Elle styling that put toghether nude outfit with few pink bits. i love the simple and i love the intense juicy colours.

and of course a pair of comfy shoes
would love some very gentle accesories to it like gold braclets and earrings. or get totally spaded

or even go with Kate Spade bag

hmm... and i even found something for him fro hm lookbook for 2011 in this shade. oh, of course if only that makes you feel good

let the pink rock you

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

first aired

i'm writing it. regardless of my inability to write proper english. oopsy
so if happen to misspell a word or eat some very yummy letters, or confuse to similar sounding words(and seriously how come the meaning of something that sounds so alike can be so different, huh?)
 well, that's just me.
umm. no to mention some weird word creations you might encounter here...

oh but since i already confessed all my sins i think i can take one of those deep breaths.
and oh my it's over! just aired my first post